Smart Wool Socks

smartwoolhomeSmart Wool products have been developed to harness the natural properties of wool, and more specifically merino wool, in sports and activity wear to ensure comfort and high performance. Merino wool is regarded as the best insulating baselayer because of its fineness and its ability to manage your core temperature. While exercising, your muscles produce heat and it is possible for body temperature to rise by up to three degrees. This results in sweating which is the body’s cooling process at work. Heat is removed from the body as sweat evaporates so allowing you to cool down. The result is your core body temperature remains constant.Wool is extremely effective at maintaining moisture management which enables a lower and more stable core body temperature when wearing wool instead of synthetics such as polyester, nylon and polypropylene.

Also, as you exercise your muscles produce heat which then heats your blood. As you start to sweat your body’s blood volume decreases, blood pressure drops and blood flow between your muscles and skin is reduced. The consequence of this is with less blood reaching the skin, cooling is reduced and body temperature begins to rise resulting in an increase in heart rate. Research shows that a lower heart rate can be maintained when wearing wool instead of synthetics because of wool’s efficiency at assisting the body’s natural cooling process.

Furthermore, as core body temperature rises during exercise  your blood works to deliver enough oxygen to the muscles. This triggers lactic acid production resulting in muscle pain, fatigue and cramps. A slowdown in the rate at which core body temperature increases also slows down lactic acid build up. Again wool next to your skin is effective in controlling the rise in core body temperature slowing the rate at which lactic acid builds up in the muscles.

So how does Smartwool help in this process? Smartwool has allied the natural properties of wool and treated it to eliminate some of the drawbacks which were perceived with wool such as being uncomfortable and coarse and being susceptible to shrinking when washed. Central to this is the use of Merino wool in the finished product. Merino fibres are among the narrowest in diameter which creates a smooth feel and is perfect for use in undergarments

Smartwool works in a variety of different situations to overcome common problems. Smartwool socks and indeed other garments do not retain moisture so bacteria which causes odor build up are unable to grow and multiply. Hence, no matter what exercise you do worrying about smelling will not be a problem. And of course a major problem with socks is chafing and blisters. Merino wool socks allow feet to stay drier, breathe better and create a better fit to minimize rubbing against footwear.

Smartwool socks combine the latest design, technology and construction with the benefits of Merino wool for a superior product. And there is also the PhD range to create an even more performance driven sock. It has Bi-elastic construction for a keener fit and flex and keeps it’s shape for far longer than other makes of socks. It uses ReliaWool technology to provide greater durability that are built to last.